Are you ready for a WHOLE SOUL MAKEOVER? Girl, I bet you are and I’m SO excited to have you join me!

Do you want to create an authentic, powerful, soul-filled life alongside other supportive, open-minded women like yourself?

Get ready for the SOUL CARE CIRCLE!

What if you were part of a SISTERHOOD? Doing your inner work, creating space and time for yourself and your soul growth, and as you empower yourself, you create a ripple effect on your family and community.

That is how we change the world! BE THE CHANGE.


Imagine what it would be like to release all of the gunk that’s been holding you back, shed societal conditioning, tap into your soul, and step into your most authentic life!


THE CIRCLE is an ongoing monthly SOULscription (membership) where you can start or continue your self-development and spiritual journey in a supportive community.

What's comes with a SOULscription?

Monthly topics include but not limited to:

  • Soul Care: Learn how to nurture yourself, love yourself, and put yourself FIRST, through easy, actionable steps

  • Fear and your Soul’s GPS

  • Healing relationships and learning to have healthy relationships with yourself and others

  • Boundaries, auras, and energy fields

  • The Heroine’s Journey

  • Soul Mapping and your soul’s journey

  • Past life healing

  • A monthly journey into each chakra of the chakra system

Each month, you will receive:

ONE group teaching call a month. Could be fresh content and or a guided meditation all via Zoom.

ONE group hypnohealing call a month. So we can HEAL, CONNECT and share together.

Journal prompts and worksheets to encouage deeper thinking into your inner journey.

Our very own private Facebook community, a safe place to find continuous support.

The investment in yourself and this awesome community?! $199 monthly or $1990 Pay in Full for the year (two months free)

Zoom Calls are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at 12pm PT (1pmMT, 2pm CT, 3pm ET). All calls will be recorded and stored in our private community in case you can’t make the call live. We’d LOVE to have you LIVE and it's always encouraged!

Praise for Nadia...

"Nadia’s powerful and energizing message in the Transformation Tribe Course has given me real concrete uses and everyday connections that I use and apply to my daily life!"

- A.E.

"Through Nadia’s education, career and life experiences, she has put together a program that feels like it was tailor made for each participant in the group! Take the course!"

- Katherine L.

"Nadia’s coaching style is authentic and engaging. I have been propelled forward in my life journey through her high-quality coaching and powerful message."

- Amy

"...Nadia’s guidance have helped me so much that it’s encouraged me to want to continue to grow. I’m excited to do more of Nadia’s courses and to work 1:1 with her moving forward!"

- K.H.

A little about me...

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the past 20 years as a psychotherapist, heart-centered hypnotherapist, and as a student in a sacred Mystery School learning from spiritual teachers, and created the Soul Care Circle!

I’ve led retreats, taught online courses and coached thousands of women through life transformations so they can find their soul’s purpose and spirituality.

Not to mention my own personal transformational journey after my son died. All of my experiences have led me here to create this sacred space for women who want to become who they were born to be!

I’ve channeled ALL OF THIS into a fun, easily digestible, transformational community that will change the way you believe in yourself while being supported by me and other amazing women within the community.

© 2021 Nadia Ahrens